The Armbruster Capital Management News & Education section of our website incorporates articles, vidcasts, and newsletters specifically geared towards issues that our clients are facing today.

We employ portfolio construction techniques that allow us
to manage risk without sacrificing return potential.



Our strategies are based on research produced in the academic field.


We help clients enhance their fiduciary obligations while reducing costs and improving performance potential.

Exceptional Client Service

Exceptional Client Service

We pride ourselves on the level of service we offer our clients. We provide all the basics, such as periodic performance reviews, quarterly statements and newsletters, and ongoing consultation via telephone and email. However, when clients need us the most, we go above and beyond.



We always act in our clients’ best interests. In an industry where truth is hard to come by, you can rely on us to always give it to you straight.



We separate the investment management function from the custody function. This means that the organization managing your assets and the organization holding your assets can serve as checks and balances on one another. This greatly reduces the probability of malfeasance.

Authentic Investing

The true essence of investing is not what you hear from the financial media or in the marketing campaigns from large Wall Street firms. Aggressive trading and hot stock tips generally result in losses or sub-par investment gains. Rather, real investing is about discipline, patience, and smart, deliberate strategies. We strip away the hype and focus on what is real.

Straight Shooters

Armbrust is a German word meaning “crossbow”. In medieval times, an armbruster was an archer or soldier armed with a crossbow. We don’t find much use for crossbows in our current occupation, but just like our ancestors, we aim to be straight shooters in all our dealings.

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