Social Media Disclosures

Terms and Conditions of utilizing the Ambruster Capital Management social media sites

Social Media Disclosures


Please follow these guidelines to ensure that discussions are productive, respectful, and stay on topic. If you have a specific question, please contact us at

We review the conversations on our social media pages and reserve the right to delete any comment or post that we deem inappropriate at our discretion. We may also block community members from future conversations for inappropriate behavior.


Do not make a testimonial or give investment advice. Industry regulations prevent us from posting information about specific portfolio performance or posting testimonials.  Social media, by its very nature, is considered advertising under the SEC definition, and therefore, the same rules apply to social media accounts that apply to Armbruster Capital Management direct marketing, namely that the facilitating, accepting, and promoting of third-party endorsements and testimonials is prohibited.

Personal Information:

  • Do not divulge any of your non-public personal information on social media. Our social media pages are public.
  • Do not discuss on social media matters that should be discussed directly with Armbruster Capital Management staff.

Photos, Videos and Copyright:

  • Only upload photographs or videos that you own the rights to; observe copyright laws and give credit where it’s due.
  • Do not modify our content when you share it with others.

Inappropriate Posts:

  • Do not post spam or use offensive language.
  • Personal or general attacks are not acceptable.
  • Do not post advertisements or endorsements for the services of another person or firm.
  • Do not give investment recommendations, stock performance predictions, or investment advice.


Armbruster Capital Management’s views as portrayed in social media are subject to change based on market conditions and other factors. These views should not be construed as a recommendation for any specific security or sector. Investing involves risks, and the value of your investment will fluctuate over time and you may gain or lose money. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Armbruster Capital Management Inc. is not affiliated with social media sites and has no responsibility for their operations and services or for other social media service sites. Any opinions expressed by persons submitting comments don’t necessarily represent the views of Armbruster Capital Management Inc. Armbruster Capital Management is not responsible and does not endorse the content, advertising, products, advice, opinions, recommendations or other materials available from other members of, Twitter, YouTube or any third-party website. Terms of use, privacy or security policies at these or other third-party sites that may be linked to this page or other, Twitter, or YouTube pages are not affiliated nor the responsibility of Armbruster Capital Management. Third party sites and materials are available for access at your own risk.


If you have questions, please contact us at