Institutional Investment Management Services

Our approach relies heavily on research produced in the academic field.

Institutional Services

We work with boards and finance committees to set up investment portfolios that adhere to your organization’s investment policy statement. If you do not have a written investment policy, we will work with you to draft a document that expresses your needs and intentions.

Most foundations and endowment funds have a need for current income, either to supplement operations or to meet gifting objectives. However, investment portfolios need to balance current income needs with future growth. We will work with you to set up an asset allocation plan that accommodates this dual need.

We implement our institutional portfolios with index funds and exchange-traded funds. This helps ensure diversification, low costs and long-term performance that is in line with expectations. Our approach eliminates the cycle of hiring a manager with strong historical track records, only to subsequently fire them when they ultimately under-perform. A long-term, indexed portfolio can curtail systematic under-performance.

Over time, we rebalance the portfolio to ensure it is always in line with investment policy guidelines. We also perform on-going due diligence on new asset classes or securities to see if there are ways to improve the portfolio.

Regular reporting to your committee is part of our service. We will provide written reports quarterly, regular in-person meetings, and on-line access through your custodian. We are always available for audit support, ad hoc requests, or any service request you may have.