Wealth Management for Individuals

We employ a no-nonsense approach that focuses on generating the best return net of fees and taxes.

Individual Services

Investments are often overcomplicated. However, the essential ingredients are fairly simple and have been proven in both academic and real-world settings. We employ a no-nonsense, back-to-basics approach that focuses on generating the best return net of fees and taxes.

We work with each client to develop a financial solution that strives to meet your long-term goals. Because we do not run model portfolios, we can custom tailor a plan for your unique needs and circumstances.

We focus on maximizing “net investment returns”. Net returns are what investors earn after the impact of trading costs, fees, and taxes. We work to ensure clients earn the best gross return possible, but also so they keep the vast majority of their returns by minimizing what they pay to financial intermediaries and in taxes.

We employ portfolio construction techniques that allow us to manage risk without sacrificing return potential. We do this by relying on studies from leading academic programs. Using data-driven strategies, we bring financial theory into practical application.

We do more than just investing. We review your overall financial picture and make recommendations for improvements. Armbruster Capital is a boutique firm that is large enough to be well established, but small enough to provide individualized service. Client services are limited only by our clients’ needs.