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ACM Journal - Investment Management
13 Jul

Firm News – Q2 2020 Newsletter

Our newest team member is Kim O’Brien. Kim will be helping with reception, account maintenance, cashiering requests, and other service-related duties. Previously, Kim has worked for other firms in this area and brings much-needed relief to our operations team. You will certainly talk with Kim when you call or visit, so I suspect most of you will get to know her in short order.

New Educational Tools

On the education and commun-ications front, we recently launched a new “VidCast” series. It turns out a VidCast is like a podcast, but with a video element to it. We have been covering various investment topics in short segments with charts and graphs running in the background to illustrate the points we’re making. These VidCasts are posted at our YouTube channel. You can find them by going to YouTube and searching for Armbruster Capital. We also try to post each of these episodes on LinkedIn, so feel free to connect with us there. You can subscribe to our YouTube channel, which will send you alerts each time we post a new episode. Please take a look and let us know what you think or if you have suggestions for future episodes.

We also recently wrote an article for the CFA Institute on rethinking bond portfolios, and subsequently built a VidCast around this as well. This article was the first of what we hope will become a series of “white papers” addressing some fairly large challenges we face in the investment world today. These articles will be a bit more technical in nature, positioned largely for other financial professionals. However, we will do our best to circulate them to clients and would be happy to discuss any of the topics further.

New Compliance Summary

We recently sent everyone a copy of our Form CRS compliance document. This is new requirement by the Securities and Exchange Commission. We have always been required to file Form ADV, which is a longer form that describes our business practices and disciplinary history, among other disclosures. By law, we give Form ADV to all new clients and offer it to current clients each year. We also post it on our website. However, the SEC was concerned that no one was reading this document. So, in an effort to improve investor education, the one-page Form CRS was born.

Form CRS is a summary of Form ADV. Much of the language is boilerplate and refers back to the full Form ADV. I’m not sure most investors will find it any more useful than Form ADV (which we encourage everyone to read), but no one asked me when they wrote the rules. Take a look and see what you think. Feel free to call us if the document raises any questions.

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