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Redefining Fixed Income

The golden age of fixed income is over. The days when investors could rely on traditional bonds as safe, income-producing securities that hedge equity risk and deliver returns that keep pace with inflation are finished. While it may not have felt like it, long-term investors had it pretty easy over the last 90-plus years.

The US Economy: Eight More Years of Expansion?

Mark Armbruster, CFA. Where is the US economy headed? Recent news coverage about an inverted yield curve, potential trade wars,

Beware of Experts Bearing Forecasts

Mark Armbruster, CFA. I read another article recently that warned of an impending market downturn and cited Nobel laureate Robert J.

The Case For Further Stock Market Gains

Mark Armbruster, CFA. The stock market’s valuation recently surpassed its 1929 peak, and the S&P 500 now trades near the

What Happens to the Market if America Goes to War?

Mark Armbruster, CFA. The stock market hates uncertainty, and there is plenty of uncertainty with respect to the tensions over

What I Believe, But Cannot Prove: True Alpha Does Not Exist for Individual Investors

Mark Armbruster, CFA. I believe, but cannot prove, that true alpha does not exist for individual investors. There are too

The Core Elements of Investing

Mark Armbruster, CFA. The investment management industry is based on the premise that smart, hard-working managers with cutting-edge technology can

Portfolio Strategy: In Praise of Inaction

Mark Armbruster, CFA. “One who sees inaction in action, and action in inaction, has understanding among men, disciplined in all